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Dec 17, 2014 - 1 minute read

Aberdeen International School Computer Club

During my October trip to Europe to speak at Geecon Prague (see here, here and here), I traveled to Scotland to visit friends Jason and Brooke (just to my right in the photograph) and to see the place. While I was there Jason asked me to speak to the brand-new computer club that he was helping with, at the Aberdeen International School where they both teach.

The club had decided to use Python as their learning language, so of course I was enthusiastic. You can almost see that I’m wearing the shirt that I created for the 2009 Python conference — alas, I broke my leg right before the conference and so missed out seeing thousands of people wearing my shirt.

The students were even more enthusiastic, and that was quite refreshing. Getting their hands on tools this powerful, this early, I expect great things.

An interesting coincidence: that same day was the inaugural meeting of the Aberdeen Python user group.